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Thank you!


As 2016 closes and 2017 begins, many of us will reflect on those moments that shaped our lives over the past 12 months.

We rarely realize it until something happens, but there is nothing in this world more important us than the health of your furry loved ones, and there is nothing more valued than a skilled, empathetic professional ready to care for them when they need it most.

For every furry friend that we helped, healed, and comforted this past year, we are proud to have been a part of the process, as they are our biggest inspiration.

 We hope that our clients accept our sincere appreciation for their part in taking care of their furry family this past year, as well as our heartfelt wishes to our clients and their families for a 2017 filled with joyous memories and moments in the company of your loved ones.

 Best Wishes

 The staff at Dog & Cat Repair

 Dr. Conti, Dr. Rick, Suzanne, Chris, Amy, Kristine, Marvin & Jessica!